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Pet Passports & Brexit

February 27, 2019

Unfortunately, we cannot say for certain what the laws and regulations regarding pet travel within the European Union will be after the 29th March 2019. It is recommended to treat all countries, regardless of their membership to the European Union, as outside of the European Union.

The current requirements for pet travel as outlined by the Government are as follows:

  • You must get your dog, cat or ferret microchipped and then vaccinated against rabies before it can travel. Your pet must have a blood sample taken at least 30 days after the rabies vaccination.
  • We must send the blood sample to an EU-approved blood testing laboratory which has a minimum turnaround time of 2 weeks.
  • The results of the blood test must show that the vaccination was successful (Your pet must have a rabies antibody level of at least 0.5 IU/ml).
  • You must wait 3 months from the date the successful blood sample was taken before you travel.
  • You must get an appointment with one of our Official Veterinarians (OV), no more than 10 days before travel to get a health certificate.

If there’s no deal, pet passports issued in the UK would not be valid for travel to the EU.

Pets that have previously had a blood test and have an up-to-date rabies vaccination do not need to repeat the blood test. Your pet will need a health certificate for each trip to the EU.

You can keep up to date with the government and regulation changes regarding this topic at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pet-travel-to-europe-after-brexit.